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Available Services

Speedy Check

-Safety Inspection of Tires and Cables

-Brake & Shifting Adjustments

-All Features Torqued to Specs

-Full Tires to Correct Pressure

-Lubricate Drivetrain

PRICE: $79.00

Addtional Services 

- Delivery up to 20 Miles $40.00

- Chain Replacement $18.00

- Gear Adjustment + Lube $20.00

-Flat Tire ($15.00)/E-bike rear tube replacing($40.00)

-Drivetrain Cleaning $23.00

Slime Tube Sealant $12.00

Brake Adjustment $25.00 

* Labor Only*

Next Complete Tune Up

-Includes all Services from Speedy Check

-Aligns and adjust brakes/shifting

- Battery and Motor Check

-Hydraulic Brake Fluid inspection, Top off fluid, Check Brake Pads

-Road Test

-Wipe down frame, fork & wheels

PRICE: $119.00

Additional Services

-Brake Bleed (Labor Only) $30.00

-Estimate/Inspection $30.00

-Brake Pad Change $20.00

-Bike Assembly

Stock $89 

Other $129

-Storage $29.99 per month


Next Complete Tune up $199.99

*Includes 4 Months of storage!*

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